Jack Wiley is an author, consultant, researcher and instructor. For almost three decades, he has focused on two big research questions: what employees most want and what organizational factors best promote employee engagement, performance confidence and business success.

Author of RESPECT

Using insights from global research, Jack co-authored the highly regarded book, RESPECT: Delivering results by giving employees what they really want. RESPECT details the seven things employees most want from their employer and provides compelling evidence that organizations that meet employees’ needs excel on a variety of business performance metrics.

Upcoming Book

Jack’s next book manuscript focuses on what employees most want from their top leader and will be published in 2014. The research for this upcoming book is already being used as a framework for executive talent development at leading organizations in the United States and the United Kingdom.

This book will reveal that employees want to be inspired, respected and rewarded by their top leaders. Based on data collected from over 180 organizations globally, those organizations whose leaders are effective at meeting employee needs are outperforming their competition on virtually every important business performance metric.

About Jack

Jack Wiley
Author, Consultant, Researcher, Instructor

Author of Strategic Employee Surveys

Relying on his three decades of experience in conducting client employee surveys world-wide, Jack wrote Strategic Employee Surveys: Evidence-based guidelines for driving organizational success to provide a best practice guide for designing and implementing effective employee surveys.

This book stresses the importance of building employee survey systems based on an organization’s business strategy. It identifies the four major types of employee survey programs and how to maximize their impact on organizational success. Strategic Employee Surveys also outlines high impact techniques for using employee survey results to affect positive organizational change.

A Consultant and Business Leader

In a career now spanning almost four decades, Jack has worked as an internal research consultant, founder and CEO of a professional services firm, and head of an R&D function of a publicly traded company.

A Scientist-Practitioner

Guided by the scientist-practitioner mission, Jack has not only authored two books, he has also written seven book chapters, ten refereed articles, 16 professional practice articles and is listed as the chair or presenter in 30 entries of the conference proceedings of the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

In 2014, Jack was awarded SIOP’s prestigious Professional Practice award, a lifetime achievement award for outstanding contributions to the practice of industrial-organizational psychology. In addition to being elected to Fellow status in SIOP, Jack is also a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. He received his doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of Tennessee, is a licensed consulting psychologist and has earned the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) accreditation.


In the fall of 2014 Jack joined the faculty at Manchester University as Professor of Psychology.