Strategic Employee Surveys: Evidence-based Guidelines for Driving Organizational Success

This book is a best practice guide to conducting employee surveys that can drive genuine organizational success.

With many real life examples and practical guidance, this book is divided into two clear parts:

Part One shows how a survey can achieve different objectives and how clarity of survey purpose is critical to success. It includes the Strategic Employee Survey Framework.

Part Two outlines the most effective process for moving from employee survey results to monitoring the success of corrective actions. It includes the Survey Feedback Organization Development Framework designed to maximize return on investment in employee survey systems.

RESPECT: Delivering Results by Giving Employees What They Really Want

This book summarizes 25 years’ worth of research into what employees most want from their employer.

In their own words, employees from around the world indicated that the seven things they most want are: recognition, exciting work, security of employment, pay levels that are fair, education and career growth opportunities, condition at work that promote teamwork but show no tolerance for discrimination and bias, and finally, to be told the truth.

These seven factors form RESPECT. But the research does not stop there. Scores on a specially designed RESPECT index were obtained from over 200 companies worldwide and correlated with various measure of business success. The second step of this massive research undertaking demonstrated that those organizations that best meet employee needs achieve superior business results.

An array of tested and proven recommendations for how to build more “respectful” organizations is provided.


Jack Wiley
Author, Consultant, Researcher, Instructor