Jack Wiley
Author, Consultant, Researcher, Instructor

Professional Practice Articles authored or co-authored by Jack Wiley

Using employee opinions about organizational performance to enhance employee engagement surveys: model building and validation
Wiley, J. W. (2014) People and Strategy, 36 (4), 38-49. 
Summarizes recent employee engagement and performance excellence literature; outlines the process for integrating these two constructs into a cohesive model; demonstrates the model’s validity using linkage research data from 200+ organizations; provides an illustrative client case study.

Achieving change through a best practice employee survey
Wiley, J. W. (2012), Strategic HR Review, 11(5), 265 - 271.
Summarizes research in 31 companies globally on the challenges with implementing survey follow-up practices; offers solutions for achieving measurable improvements via the employee survey technique.

Disciplined action planning drives employee engagement
Wiley, J. W., & Legge, M. (2006). Human Resource Planning, 29(4), 8-12.
Uses a long-term client case study to demonstrate proper methods for using survey feedback organizational development techniques to achieve measurable improvement in employee opinions.

Put your employees on the other side of the microscope
Wiley, J. W., Brooks, S. M., & Lundby, K. M. (2006). Human Resource Planning, 29(2), 15-21.
Explains the differences between employee survey topics that are employee-centric and performance-centric and shows the superiority of the latter as correlates of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction: A supportive work environment and its financial cost
Wiley, J. W. (1991). Human Resource Planning, 14(2), 117-128.
One of the earliest published linkage research studies; shows employee views of their workplace correlate with retail store-level customer satisfaction and operating margin.

Making the most of survey feedback as a strategy for organization development
Wiley, J. W. (1991). OD Practitioner, 23(1), 1-4.
Outlines the most important considerations in using employee survey feedback as a technique for organization development; illustrates each point with client vignettes.

Professional Practice Articles