Scientific / Academic Articles

Jack Wiley
Author, Consultant, Researcher, Instructor

Scientific/Academic Articles co-authored by Jack Wiley

Is there fire? Executive compensation and employee attitudes
Welsh, E. T., Ganegoda D. B., Arvey R. D., Wiley, J. W., & Budd, J. W. (2012, April). Personnel Review, 41(3).

The role of calculative attachment in the relationship between diversity climate and retention
Kaplan, D. M., Wiley, J. W., & Maertz, C. P. (2011). Human Resource Management, 50(2), 271-287.

Millennials’ (lack of) attitude problem: An empirical examination of generational effects on work attitudes
Kowske, B. J., Rasch, R. L., & Wiley, J. W. (2010). Journal of Business and Psychology, 25(2), 265-279.

Downsizing effects on survivors: layoffs, off-shoring and outsourcing
Maertz, C. P., Wiley, J. W., LeRouge, C., & Campion, M. A. (2010). Industrial Relations, 49(2), 275-285.

Is a happy nation a productive nation? An exploration of the relationship between job satisfaction and productivity at the national level
Kessler, S. R., Taylor, E. Z., Levine, E. L., Wiley, J. W., & Kessler, L. M. (2008). European Journal of International Management, 2(3), 356-375.

Looking inside and out: The impact of employee and community demographic composition on organizational diversity climate
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Service climate effects on customer attitudes: An examination of boundary conditions
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Driving service effectiveness through employee-customer linkages
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Reactions of male raters to interviewee self-presentation style and sex: Extensions of previous research
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Reactions of college recruiters to interviewee sex and self-presentation style
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